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"What is real to a logician? All of your learning is based on what your senses perceive? Your questions come from your outside stimuli. Your answers come from outside stimuli. That is not wisdom. Nor is it thought!!!! What is a fantasy? Is it something you cannot prove is real? What makes the moon the moon and the sun the sun? Are they real because of the outer descriptions man has assigned them? What makes the object real is that your senses perceive it as such. Is that your grounds for reality?

If so thats what the problem is. Your definition of real is rigid. As is your frame of mind. Your view of life is based on what you see, taste,touch and feel. That is not thinking. That is sensory perception. You cannot understand me. Your mind is a stone wall. Im only wrong because your right. Your thinking is right thinking. Logic is reality based thought. Right???

You look for answers outwardly. The intelligent man questions himself. You do not do this. You accept that the Sun is a flaming ball of gas because the PhD said so. You NEVER QUESTION A SCIENTIST BECAUSE HE IS YOUR AUTHORITY FOR KNOWLEDGE! You accept the sky is blue because it was supposedly proven by an intelligence AN EDUCATED MAN. Your fact comes from what you already know. What you were taught. You do not learn anything new because your logic keeps reverting to what you think you already know . THIS IS WHAT THE SCIENTIST, DOCTOR, PRIEST, MEDIA TOLD YOU. That is not thinking for yourself. Nor is it learning.

Can you tell me of anything you DISCOVERED on your own? Can you NOT tell me of what some PHD scientist discovered? Can you tell me why there is life and death? Why the human heart is corrupt? What happens to a butterfly in the cocoon? Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Yet you mock me! You say I am in a fantasy that is my reality. The modern man cannot even decipher the meaning of the pyramids and that is tangible evidence of WISDOM before his eyes! You know not of the essence of things. The essence of the thing is reality.”

saevitas asked: What is the symbolism in the dream catcher?

Hello, The dream catcher is used by native or indigenous peoples to symbolically be a protector of a person who is sleeping and having bad dreams. It is supposed to filter out the bad dreams AND WARD OFF EVIL ENTITIES. There is A SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE I WANT TO EXPLAIN. Spiritually the soul is asleep or unconscious. While the soul “sleeps” it is susceptible to being invaded by other entities that prey on the vulnerability of the sleeping soul. When I say other entities I mean wandering semi-conscious souls who seek to feed off sleeping souls. They do this because the soul is a VOID that constantly SEEKS TO FILL OR SHALL WE SAY FEED. This is “done” by entering into the realm of consciousness of the sleeping soul. What I mean is they enter the soul. These entities “hunt” based on whatever they desire to “feed” on.The soul they desire to feed on must satisfy their “appetite”. This is very SICK and the nature of this is DEMONIC.  This is where the whole phenomena of “nightmares” and bad dreams ORIGINATE. Basically the dream catcher is a form of protection from these entities. (notice I am not using the word SPIRIT) THESE ARE NOT SPIRITS AT ALL! THE SPIRIT DOES NOT FEED ON UNCONSCIOUS SOULS!  Please do not think these are JUST dead people or spirits! Can this be the soul of a dead man? YES! Can this be soul of a living waking human being? YES! Nothing is DEAD in the sense that we think. On the contrary everything is ALIVE! I have so much more to say on this! THANKS FOR ASKING.

There is Deep Spiritual Symbolism in a Dream Catcher. Inbox me if you want me to explain.

There is Deep Spiritual Symbolism in a Dream Catcher. Inbox me if you want me to explain.

“Spirituality is the expression of the inner self. This is not the contrived self. The makeshift persona that we have come to identify as the SELF whom exists in this so called world. THE SELF or the “I” is the REAL CONSCIOUS YOU. Therefore what we are really talking about is CONSCIOUSNESS.”

– Miss Allgood Host of Spirituality is Reality; Sunday EST on Blogtalkradio.com

“To unfold his higher spiritual and occult powers, a person needs to constantly work on himself and seek the well-being of mankind. We are able to grow only from within, impersonally and without premeditation, because all that is great and beautiful is born in the silence. The inner realms open to the one who has recognized the laws of life in his heart and acts in harmony with them. His consciousness reaches farther and farther the more he rids himself of the chains of personality and the temptations of the passing phenomena of life. And as a true occultist, he contributes continually to the divine plan of evolution in the spirit of brotherhood.”

– G. Fischer

“Goodness, would speedily cease to be such, were it not alternated by its opposite. In human nature, evil denotes the antagonism of matter to the spiritual, and each is accordingly purified thereby. In the cosmos, the equilibrium must be preserved; the operation of the two contraries produce harmony and are necessary to each other. If one is arrested, the action of the other will immediately become destructive.”

– H.P. Blavastsky