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There is an arrogance within the hearts of men. There is a belief that causes men to behold themselves in a false light. This false light is really a false perception that they are above others. No I do not mean as in race or class. (I’ll get into that later)

I speak of virtue. We think that we are good when we are really not. We think we are benevolent. We think we are compassionate. We think we are self less. This is the reason why man looks down on others because he thinks that he is virtuous. This is false because one cannot be virtuous if he looks down on others. The truth is that all men are equals. We all need each other. If a man is arrogant he perceives that he has no need of anyone or anything because arrogance causes men to be foolish, conceited and selfish.

Can you see this is what dwells in the hearts of men? Can you see that you look down on others because you exalt yourself?

– Miss Allgood

“The law of attraction is the law of love. This is the same law Christ Jesus and other Masters have taught and lived for ages. “whatsoever a man reaps in his heart, he sows” It is your heart that draws in your entire life. It determines what people you meet, the jobs you get, the parents, siblings.. your life is essentially yourself. All of life, the whole of it teaches one about his self. One must first learn of his own heart or his self worth. There are circumstances and people you meet in your life that seem less than perfect. Yet you ask God why am I meeting this man? He isnt the one. He isnt right for me? I deserve better. I say Lord why not me? What is it about my life that seems to be a pattern? What do I need to see Lord? What do I need to learn about myself? Learn from life. Stop turning away from your hardship in arrogance with this false belief that” I dont deserve what I’m getting”. We as men and women need to humble ourselves and receive correction and we would then learn of love. Do you still not understand why your life is the way it is? Why your relationships are not whole? It is because your heart is not yet strong enough to manifest LOVE. We must understand that the source of all things good and seemingly bad are of the human heart.”

“It is the nature of man to desire his own self worth. Man searches for the value of himself in the world of people, places and things. Yet man runs and turns away from his emptiness. This emptiness is really his lack of self. The self is to be developed. If man would stop trying to find love and worth outside of himself he would discover that all his heart desires is already within him. Your heart is not cold because of a man or a woman. Your heart is cold because you do not have the sun. The SUN is the warmth of your soul and the light of your life. It is a lack of spirituality that is cause of your coldness. Forget about men! If you would desire the Spirit you would discover the value of your own heart. Did he not say?? ” Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of thy God and all shall be added unto ye?” Seek yourself. For thy Self is thy God.”

– Miss Allgood


I still can’t grasp the fact that I’m meant to get a career sometime in this life. I really don’t want one and I’m sick of everyone saying it’s the only way.
Well I’ll fucking lay the bricks for a different path because I can’t handle or be in this shit people call their lives.
I don’t want this system to rob me of my time and health.