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I now understand that the most important work we can do in the world starts with the self. It is only when we look at ourselves that we can even begin to formulate correct judgement of others. I have also noticed that judgement comes in the form of opinions that seem to be based on appearances.

Most people do not want to see who they are and be confronted with how they are living. A man lives upright and he values his own self. It is the value of the SELF that enables a man to value a woman.

This is also true for a woman. A woman who degrades herself in any way shape or form has no self worth. She has no integrity. A woman believe it or not can bring down an entire nation if she lacks integrity. As you can see this is what is happening right now in our modern society of smart phones and the internet.

Women dont know we uphold the world. Nature dictates this not I. The woman is the mother. The nurturer of the children. Every man comes from a woman.

Some may argue that there is a dual responsibility of both men and women but that is because they do not know that everything has a foundation. This foundation is the starting point. All starts with a woman because the woman is the spirit of the man. In a woman a man can understand his self. This is because women and men are unified polarities.

Any of you that understand nature or spirituality of any kind know that without polarity there is nothing.

It is polarity that manifests “god”. This is not a new age teaching. It is ageless WISDOM. It is now resurfacing because contemporary man HAS LOST HIS WAY. HE IS IGNORANT OF UNIVERSAL LAW.

What man or woman is strong enough to stand in their own truth in total acceptance of how they are living? Especially if they are living a debased and immoral life? That is not an easy thing to do. Yet we find fault with these people because we do not understand what the problem really is.

We tend to look down on others causing us not see our own faults. Which of course is what hypocrites do. They cast stones. It is not wise to cast stones. We must begin to understand WHY PEOPLE ARE LIVING IN A DEGRADED STATE.

This is deeper than economics and politics. It goes back to morality , conduct, ethics and principles.

These days men and women lack good moral character. 

– Miss Allgood the Orator


– Manly P. Hall (lecture) God and Man The Great Polarities


When, for example, with the help of a medium, something is brought to life as the thoughts of a deceased person, we are confronted only with what remains behind, as it were, of the deceased.

We are not dealing with that which goes through the portal of death, which passes through the spiritual world and appears again in a new earthly life. We are concerned in such a case not with what is present in the individuality of the dead person but with the sheath that is cast off, the wooden part of the tree, or the shell of a shellfish, or the skin of the snake that is cast off.

In the same way, such sheaths, such useless remnants, are continuously being cast off from the being of the spiritual world and then, by way of a medium, they can be made perceptible — although as visible unreality.

In man there are two natures; his spiritual or higher nature and his material or lower nature. In one he approaches God, in the other he lives for the world alone.

Signs of both these natures are to be found in men. In his material aspect he expresses untruth, cruelty and injustice; all these are the outcome of his lower nature. The attributes of his Divine nature are shown forth in love, mercy, kindness, truth and justice, one and all being expressions of his higher nature.

Every good habit, every noble quality belongs to man’s spiritual nature, whereas all his imperfections and sinful actions are born of his material nature. If a man’s Divine nature dominates his human nature, we have a saint.

Man has the power both to do good and to do evil; if his power for good predominates and his inclinations to do wrong are conquered, then man in truth may be called a saint.

If on the contrary, he rejects the things of God and allows his evil passions to conquer him, then he is no better than a mere animal.

– Abdu’l-Bahá

More from Annie Besant… (written over 100 years ago and nothing has changed)

To listen to the conversation of these men and women of the present age one would suppose them to be the mere insects of a day, with no sense of duty, of responsibility, or of seriousness; they have not in the least realized themselves as immortal souls who are here for a purpose, and have a definite evolution before them; and so their life is one of shallow ignorance and giggling vacuity.

The only life they seem to know is the life of the moment, and in this way they lower themselves to the level of the least intelligent of the animals about them. Man has been defined as a thinking animal, but it seems evident that as yet that definition applies only to part of the race. I think we must admit that to one or other of these two classes — the money-hunters, or the pleasure-hunters belong the majority of the people.